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Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art

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Here is where you sign up to receive emails from Sergio Ladron de Guevara.

His main website is There you will find all work and information about the artist. This site is only for his email sign up and display of available SMALL WORKS by SERGIO.

  • Please read below and check 1,2 or 3 of the emails you would like to receive.
  • All emails will offer work not seen on the main website.
  • Specially priced artwork and Seasonal Sales will be announced on all 3 emails.
  • Pre-sales of new giclee editions or giclee editions close to finishing will be presented in these emails at substantial reductions.
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Small Works by Sergio – 3 Days/Week – an  AUCTION Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will receive an email of a small sketch, small painting, silverpoint drawing or etching by Sergio. The beginning bid will be below the normal price and if you register to bid, you may participate in the AUCTION. Once registered you will always use the same  LOGIN and PASSWORD. The winner is notified at the auction close and may go directly to PAYPAL for purchase. This is a very simple system but quite effective and fun. You may sign up for all three emails.

Small Works by Sergio – 2 Days/Week – an  INSTANT PURCHASE Every Tuesday and Thursday  you will receive an email of a small sketch, small painting, silverpoint drawing or etching by Sergio. There is no bidding, a price will be listed, information on shipping and taxes will be explained and the piece will belong to the first person to push the PURCHASE button and complete the sale in PAYPAL. You may sign up for all 3 emails.

Art is Us – Colorful Comments by Karen Twice a month you will receive “ART IS US – COLORFUL COMMENTS BY KAREN” delivered via email close to the 1st and 15th. Stories and anecdotes by Sergio’s wife, Karen, of Sergio’s 60 years of living from his art give a closer look at the life of this artist. You may enjoy knowing why Sergio always wears a tie -even while he paints or why he followed the house painters at his home in Mexico City, when he was only four years old – Karen will tell these things and more. Also a special artwork, usually relating to the ‘comments’ will be offered for instant purchase through PAYPAL.

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Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art            6501 E. Cave Creek Rd. #4          Cave Creek, AZ         85331         480-595-1123